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Mini Bluetooth Keyboard W Touchpad IS11-BT05
  • 1. Innovative Unique design; newest 2013 layout and functions guarantee the best handheld control than all other devices.
    2. Portable and elegant with backlight, enjoy convenient typing and multi-touch navigation right from your couch.
    3. Multi-touchpad and Scroll Bar--allows for scrolling, screen flip, mouse click and Smart Phone.
    4. Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and also auto sleep/wake mode.
    5. Friendly easy switch between Android, Mac and Window OS.
This Seenda IS11-BT05 is one of the most popular touchpad Bluetooth keyboard in the world. It features a responsive QWERTY keyboard and touchpad; you won't be disappointed at this sleek gadget. 

1. Press FN+Q (IOS) / FN+W (Windows) / FN+E (Android) to switch operating system.
2. Package doesn't come with Bluetooth dongle, so make sure your device support Bluetooth.
3. It supports Android 3.0 + only.
4. Amazon Fire TV & Samsung Smart TV & iPad and iPhone does not support touch pad function.

1. Power switch: turn on / off device
2. Touch pad: work like your laptop touchpad
3. Bluetooth pair button: press to active Bluetooth function so ready to pair
4. Press to power on / off backlight
5. LED 1: indicate power on or off. Flash ready to pair, off after paired
6. LED 2: light on indicates low power; when charging, indicates fully charged if light on
7. LED 3: light on indicates connect to charger; light off while fully charged
8. LED 4: light on indicates Caps lock
9. Hot key for "Start": press to activate start menu on Windows
10. Language switch: press to switch language
11. Function key: work with other keys together for extra functions
12. "Ctrl Alt Del" Combo Key: if you press Fn with this key = press "ctrl + alt + del" together
13. Left mouse: mouse left key
14. Right mouse: mouse right key
15. Navigate key: press to move cursor up, down, right and left
16. Left mouse: mouse left key
17. Right mouse: mouse right key
18. Micro usb port: connect to charge

Package Includes:
1 * Bluetooth Keyboard (57*150*12.5mm)
1 * USB Charging Cable
1 * User Manual

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