SEENDA IBT-C04 Wireless Bluetooth Music Mouse Review -Packaging,Accessories,Documentation/TweakTown


Packaging, Accessories, and Documentation

Packaging is kept very simple with the use of a clear plastic package and a cardboard insert that holds the mouse and goodies inside of the package for viewing. Around the mouse, we see iconography covering most of the features, and at the bottom in the bright orange area is the product naming with a QR code to visit the product page for more information.

The bottom of the cardboard inside the package is blank, and as for the top of the packaging, only the SEENDA name is offered.

On the back, things start out with the product naming before the features are listed again, but this time in multiple languages. The images to the right show the nano receiver in a USB port, the speaker atop the mouse, its charging port, and where the microphone is located. At the bottom, we also see that this mouse ships with a one-year warranty.

After removing the inner packaging and cutting the cardboard open, we slid the mouse and the instructions out. In the thicker, lower section of the packaging, you will find the short charging cord, and the nano receiver sitting next to the mouse.

As for the instruction sheet, it does tell you to charge the mouse first, then turn it on to pair it. It also explains how to use the mouse, and even though it specifically mentions iPhones all the way through it, the IBT-C04 did work with any device we had in the office with Bluetooth capability.